75 Fury - Sounds From Uranus Demo

Years and years ago, I used to be more musical than I have been as of late. One "album" that I did put together was an electronic album that I titled Sounds From Uranus. I mostly put this album together so I had something to chill out with while smoking funny smelling cigarettes. Fast forward quite a few years (OK, a decade to be exact) and I decided to start a follow up to that album, just for fun. Of course though, these days all my cigarettes are of the normal smelling type...

So, here are three tracks that I created back in early 2010 using LMMS for the bulk of the sound and Audacity for the final mix. I will say that these still need some work and plan on completing these tracks and creating more so that there is a full length album. So, here is the demo in ogg format:

75 Fury - Return To Uranus (Demo)


Track 1: Return To Uranus


Track 2: The Traveler


Track 3: Groove


Download full archive.

Creative Commons License
This work by Jeremy Pope is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Once I complete this album, I have decided to release both of them at the same time under a less restrictive Creative Commons license.

EDIT: Also see my Mediagoblin for more.

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