Alive - Unplugged

75 Fury

In days past, I was quite active in playing music.
I had some guitars, a drum machine, a microphone and a shit pile of effect pedals.
I was a one man band.

I may have been my only fan.

I called myself 75 Fury.
Mostly, the name came from my second car, which was a 1975 Plymouth Fury, mustard in color.
I loved that car.

This song was originally wrote around 1998 and was recorded as an electric version. I may have lost that version due to it being recorded on a 4-track machine that died some years ago and also, possibly lost the cassette it was recorded on.
This acoustic version was recorded in 2005 using Audacity.

Alive - 75 Fury

Download track:
ogg version
mp3 version


Kyriakos Brastianos

Nice track.

2011-10-28 00:33:05


Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

2011-10-29 21:45:10

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