BashScriptVille Part II

I've now added a new pumpio (and statusnet) bot that pulls comics from XKCD. Why? Why the hell not? Don't we all love XKCD? The "bots" are located at and if you want to follow.

The script I wrote for these two can be found here. For pumpio, it does use a custom script based on one of the scripts included in a standard pumpio install, My scipt allows for titles to be added to a regular note and can be found in my Github Gogs repo for The pumpio script also has a small mod to post the notes publicly instead of only to Followers (thanks @jrobb!). The bot script also captures the newest posted comic and stores the comic id in a small file so the next time the script is run, I don't end up posting the newest one multiple times. Well, hopefully I don't. ;) The script also formats the pumpio version in html and in textile for use with the Textile plugin on statusnet.

I now have 11 pumpio bots that live in BashScriptVille:

Also, I have moved my main pumpio account to This is mostly just to relax a little of the load on and partly due to a (now fixed) bug that shut down that pump for a few days. The pump is now running better than ever and I currently have no plans on shutting it down so, if you have an account there, no worries, isn't drying up just yet. (get it, it's a pump, not drying up... Ok. So the bad "pump" jokes will likely never end...) But please, if you haven't already, follow me at the new account so you don't miss any of my pointless drivel and/or coffee posts. :D

This post is also a minor follow up to the first BashScriptVille post.

Side note. If you want XKCD in you Diaspora* stream, someone else created this account:

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