Clip+ Rockbox

Quite some time ago, my wife wanted a mp3 player and ended up getting a 4GB Clip+. Mostly due to it being fairly inexpensive. Turns out, the "hacker" in me eventually fully approved of this decision.

Every now and then, the player would freak out and just not work for my wife and/or daughter. I generally would just clear the storage off of it and put their music back on. I have a feeling that they have a habit of not dismounting it before unplugging it and would cause the storage to get corrupted. Aside from that, it's been a good little device. These dedicated mp3 players have never really had much appeal to me personally, mostly due to my addiction of "scrobbling" my plays (either to my personal GNU-FM install or to, I closed my account some time back...). I mostly use MPD and various clients for my music listening anyway. Still, this little device has been sitting on my desk for about three months, completely ignored.

And then, I came across this post by @dvdmrsdn that reminded me that I wanted to check out Rockbox. After a quick browse of the installation instructions, I installed the Rockbox Utility out of the Arch community repo. And, less than five minutes later, I booted the Clip+ into Rockbox. Holy crap, that was painless.

clip+ 1

clip+ 2

And somehow, I ended up playing around with the little thing off and on throughout the rest of the day. @zykotick9 pointed out the mixtape theme in which I had to install. And once I found that Rockbox can do logging and the QTScrobbler program can push that log to, and custom locations (like my GNU-FM instance), I was quite happy. This little thing just became properly functional for me. ;)

clip+ 3

All in all, Rockbox is pretty damn cool. I wasn't too familiar with the original firmware on the Clip+ (I can still boot into it if I want to compare) but, there seems to be much more functionality. The only thing that I had any issues with was getting the EQ set to my liking. There is a metric ton more EQ options than the original firmware. Which is awesome however, my problem was navigating around it with the tiny screen on the Clip+.

clip+ 4

Of course, using this tiny thing, along with my tiny Fiio E5 headphone amp and my Sennheiser HD558's makes my Senn's seem giant. Not that I really mind... This little thing now rocks. :)

And just for fun, here is a spectrogram (using my phone and this app) as is sits between the cans on my Senn's while I crank up the volume to max.

clip+ 5

Did you say something? My ears are ringing...

Follow up: While Rockbox has been solid on the Clip+, I have gotten an 8GB Clip Zip with a 16GB microSD card. I installed Rockbox on it before even using the default firmware. It has been somewhat unstable, mostly in regards to the SD card. It has become my main music player on the go but, I've been slightly disappointed.

Rockin' Comments:

Jamie Daws

It’s an awesome feeling to breath new life into an almost dead device. I use rockbox on my old Sansa c200. Couldn’t be happier. Also, if you want to try to make your own theme, it’s not too hard to get the hang of.

2013-08-14 20:33:15

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