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Recently, my CrunchBang system (which I have based on Debian testing) had an update for Conky, bringing it up to version 1.8.1. From running this version on my Fedora install on my EeePC and previously building this version from the git repo, I knew that it was going to break my current setup. Since I’ve been running that setup for quite some time, I figured that it was time to create something new anyway.

The result is this, a ‘LED’ sidebar:

This setup started from my Conky Clock Widget (link) and a system stats widget styled to match the clock.

The first row of LED’s signify the day of the week. The second row is the month of the year with the colors of the LED’s roughly representing the northern hemisphere seasons. Blue == Winter, Green == Spring, Red == Summer, Yellow == Autumn. The next two lines are the date, first line being the first digit and the second line being the second digit. I opted to go with the first LED being 1 as opposed to it being 0 as it makes more sense in my brain.

The CPU1, CPU2, MEM, SWP (swap), ROOT and HOME rows are percentage of use. The CPU and GPU temps hit the red LED at 100C, mine typically sit around 50C - 60C and the CPU fan has a max of 2400 RPMs. The red LED on the upspeed and downspeed are at 128KB and 1526KB (1.5MB) respectively. If you want to use this config, you may need to adjust these settings for your system.

Download archive.
Archive contains config files, images (including the GIMP xcf), and fonts needed for setup.


Conky LED sidebar
by jpope v1.0.2011.08.30

A conky sidebar full of LED's to show usage and a lua clock. 
Lua script based on londonali1010's scripts.
Setup created using Conky 1.8.1

Version History:
    v1.0    Initial release.

Set up:
1. If it doesn't exist, create folder at ~/.config/conky

2. Extract archive in newly created conky folder.

3. Copy Acens.ttf ConsolaMono.ttf and Segment14.otf located in the 
    ~/.config/conky/conkyLEDbar/fonts folder to your system font folder and 
    update fonts via command line with 'fc-cache'.

4. My system consists of a dual core CPU, Nvidia graphics, seperated / and /home 
    directories and my cpu fan has a max rpm of 2400. I have also found that 
    having a max of 128KB upspeed and a max of 1.5MB (1536KB) downspeed typically
    registers best for my ISP connection. You may need to configure the 
    conkyLEDbarrc file to reflect your system settings. Have fun, there are *alot*
    of if_match statements in that config file. If you have a light colored 
    wallpaper, you may want to change the default_color setting to a darker color.

    The blinking LED in the center of the clock is controled by an execpi statement
    and the file blinkingLED. I've had issues with conky 1.8.1 and exec statements
    and somehow, having this seperate file keeps the blinking LED blinking every
    second as I intended.

5. Start with 'conky -qc ~/.config/conky/conkyLEDbar/conkyLEDbarrc &'

londonali1010 -
Acens font -
ConsolaMono font -
Segment14 font -

If anything needs fixing, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best. I also may add some more functionality to this setup in the near future.

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