Curse the Weather - weather for your terminal

Stupid F#@%!n weather…

Recently, on a fresh install of <Debian, Fedora, … , was prior to my Arch install> I went on a search for a lightweight weather program. After some time with the Google search box, I came across Curse the Weather. CTW is basically a set of python scripts that pull the weather from and feed the output to a ncurses frontend.

Curse the Weather screenshot 1
Not much to it but it works great. Just fire up your preferred terminal and you’ve got a nicely formatted weather forecast and current conditions. And seeing that the project doesn’t seem to have any activity since 2004, it’s nice to see that everything still works.

Well, not initially if you’ve got python3 installed as I do in my Arch install. But, I ran each of the python scripts through the 2to3 converter and voila, it now works with python3. For 2to3 usage, check this page at

Curse the Weather screenshot 2

Curse the Weather screenshot 3

I also created a .desktop file so I’ll show in my menu and/or use as a launcher from the panel. My .desktop file (which uses a faenza-dark icon for the image) which you can edit as necessary:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Curse the Weather 
GenericName=Curse the Weather 
Comment=ncurses weather 
Exec=terminator -b --command='ctw --nometric <your weather code here>' 

To download, get installation and usage instructions go Here. Also, thanks to Dan Cardamore for this nice piece of software.
Just what I needed, another source to feed my bitching about the weather.

EDIT: Looks like the original source is now offline. It currently can be found on github and in the AUR.

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