Ending 2012 with Freedom

My 2012 new year resolution was this:
2012 resolution

And while I haven't completely killed off my google account, I have further reduced my dependence on google. A few things that I've done to help this along with some other items to help my web independence:

  • Killed off my G+ account
  • Installed MediaGoblin for public sharing of photos (and videos when I haven't broken that feature) (also killed off my DeviantArt account)
  • Installed Zenphoto for private photo sharing
  • Started using Fastmail for my email, along with a local Roundcube install to access it
  • Installed SimpleID as my OpenID provider
  • Set up a Seeks node
  • Started actually using my Owncloud for my contacts and calendar syncing
  • Setup an XMPP server for IM
  • Installed Tiny Tiny RSS for my RSS feed aggregation
  • Installed a Libravatar instance (replacing Gravatar)
  • Installed GNU FM (may eventually replace last.fm) Damn, that's a hell of a lot of stuff! I was busy. ;)

I do have my gmail around but, it isn't being used so much for anything other than for my Android device syncing (apps that is...). I feel that I was quite successful in the degooglification of myself.

Now, my goal for 2013? To donate to some of these projects that have helped me gain some of the freedom that I now have.

Happy New Year!




While I don't plan to degooglify, (and after messing up with my hosting earlier this year, I am not sure I trust my self-hosted apps enough), I like the freedom these self-hosted apps give, I guess I should give them another go, and keep my 'playing around' and 'daily use' servers separate :)

2013-01-01 00:01:29


Where is the fun in that? I do the majority of my playing around on my ‘production’ server. If I break something, I learn real quick how to un-break it. :P Actually, I use my desktop quite a bit as my dev server as needed. Still, I have a little breakage every now and then.

2013-01-01 10:32:04

Tiberiu C. Turbureanu

Hey Jeremy! Congratulations for setting up your own Free Software services and breaking free from the centralized SAAS’ out there! I’ve just gave you as an example to my colleagues in Ceata, a Free Software Activist Group: https://liste.ceata.org/pipermail/ceata/2013-January/024322.html

2013-01-03 00:43:43


Thanks man!
And if I inspire others to do the same, awesome. :D

2013-01-03 07:00:46


I’ve been doing a lot of the same things as you. My main missing piece is calendar syncing. Have you used aCal on android for owncloud calendars? aCal is a pretty ugly app in my opinion, but seems to be the only caldav thingie solution on android so far…?

And I’ve succeeded in using my android phone entirely without google :-) (Hint: cyanogenmod and f-droid :-)

2013-01-03 03:44:00


Unfortunately, the only proper solution to caldav/carddav syncing for android that I’ve found are these apps [1] which are only on the android market. At least with these, everything is synced to the default android calendar and contacts, unlike aCal using it’s own terrible looking calendar. I haven’t found anything FOSS that comes close. :(

[1] http://dmfs.org/

2013-01-03 06:59:17


You have a damn cool site man. How long did it took to set these things up? Tell us more about it, like the money you spent, the specs of your server, how did you set up this theme :)
Btw, archlinux user over here. I use it on my laptop(at work, and home too).

2013-01-09 03:51:10


One more thing: why on earth are you using fastmail? Why don’t you set up your own email server?

2013-01-09 03:55:26


Thanks man. When I started this site, it was with the intentions of just playing around. I’ve now gotten it to the point where I rely on it for the day to day shuffle through life. ;)

As far as setting all of this up, I’ll spare you a long, boring trail through my old blog posts. ;)

I started it in June 2011 as a blog/playground/photo site and it has just migrated from there. I had no prior experience with running a webserver so it’s been a fun learning experience.

My server is an ol’ Gateway box [1] that was rescued from a friends basement. He had switched back to a mac and had no need for this box. It has a dual core AMD 3800 with 3GB RAM. Its running from home where I have decent internet through my cable provider.

The wordpress theme here is a hack of the Eclipse theme [2] so that it somewhat matches the other areas of my site and is using this [3] wallpaper as the background.

Running a site on Arch isn’t always easy but maybe that makes it a little more fun. I use the LTS kernel to help keep the number of updates down, which I try to do weekly or bi-weekly. I’d rather not build up a massive amount of updates and break everything. ;)

I’ve found that running a mail server is a pain in the ass. When I did have one going, I had a broken setup more often than not. I also had issues running it from home (the days my ISP has issues means no email for me, a dynamic IP address causes issues as well). In the end, I don’t mind paying a little for my email account where it’s always accessible and I can’t break it.

[1] http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/5876/5876nv.shtml
[2] http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/eclipse
[3] http://media.jpope.org/u/jpope/m/a-mess/

2013-01-09 09:11:49


Very nice setup, very inspiring!
I don’t (yet?) run my own server (live on shared hosting), I wonder if I am free or still victim of serfdom :P
Keep blogging!

2013-04-01 16:51:46


Shared hosting/dedicated server/old desktop sitting in the basement. I think as long as you are running your own stuff, you have the greatest control over it. Maybe a little limited w/shared hosting but, it’s still much better than relying on third parties. :)

Thanks for reading.

2013-04-01 17:10:37

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