Gnome3 Revisit

I've recently revisited Gnome3 on my EeePC. The last time that I had checked it out was not long after it was initially released with Fedora. Now that version 3.4 was out, and I've gotten a distro hopping urge suddenly, I figured that it was time to see how it's coming along. Also, to be honest, it's not really distro hopping that I want to do as much as it is Desktop Environment/Window Manager hopping. I'll be sticking with Arch for all of my upcoming experiments.

In the end, I decided that it's still not for me. It's certainly quite a bit more polished than the initial 3.0 release, still needs quite a few extensions to agree with my workflow and still dogs down my EeePC too much. Last time, I left Gnome3 on it for quite some time. This time, I wasn't planning on leaving it on for very long at all.

For this install, I simply installed these three groups: base, base-devel and gnome. I also installed a few items from gnome-extra as well as a few of my favorite/needed applications. This setup could easily be lightened but, I just wanted to get a feel of the full Gnome experience. If I come back to in, I'll be quite a bit more selective in my package selection.

The theme I'm using here is OMG (shell and gtk3).

The extensions that I ended up using are:

Now, I'm off to wipe the hard drive and check out another DE/WM. Here are a few screenshots before I go.

Gnome3 EeePC1

Gnome3 EeePC2

Gnome3 EeePC3

Gnome3 EeePC4

Gnome3 EeePC5

Gnome3 EeePC6

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