I rock

A couple of nights ago, after having a couple of beers, I found myself messing around on namecheap.com. I came across a domain that I just had to get.

"Damn you namecheap."

As I didn't have a plan for the domain before I bought it, I had to think of something worthwhile (at least to me) to do with it afterwards.

@maiki had the same idea as I did:


I have a domain I got, where I am going to aggregate all my other content to one location, and from there, syndicate to various networks.

If you've got nothing else to do with it, how about a lifestream? =]"

So, after digging around, I figured what would work best was some sort of RSS aggregator. And I ended up playing around with Planet, which all of us geeks are familiar with already. Different "planets" such as gnome, Debian, Archlinux, etc. all use the software.

So, I set it up on a VPS, themed it and added some of my feeds. The first problem I had though was that it wouldn't parse https feeds at all. In the end, I set up a proxy for the feed URLs and fed the proxied URLs to Planet. Bang! Now the page was fully populating.

And what is this super awesome site of crap (as most of my online output is...)? Introducing,


Ok, just some funny use of a new TLD.

"I had zero reason to buy a domain last night but, it is kinda funny to see a site called jeremy.pope.rocks"

I haven't checked out many of these "river of news"-style aggregators so, I may take a look around for something that will parse the https feeds. I noticed that Planet KDE uses rawdog so that may be one to look at. I'd rather not have to proxy the URLs if possible. One side effect of running the URLs like I am currently is that on my D* posts with hashtags, the tags point to jpope.org instead of pod.jpope.org. Not a huge thing but, I'd like for it all to be correct.

Anyway, enough of this silliness, I gotta go rock out.

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