Identifailed Me for the Last Time

As us Identicats know, ever since the SN 1.0 upgrade, has had a few issues. I don't think that I need to go into detail here but, I have gotten quite frustrated with the service over the recent weeks (month and a half). At first, the initial layout of SN 1.0 just didn't agree with me. Some things just didn't work the way I thought they would. Google+ could be partly to blame for this as I had just started using G+ approximately a month prior to the update. For the most part, G+ has been a breeze to use for me. Most things seem quite intuitive on G+ whereas, I didn't feel that way with SN 1.0. Mostly though, I was probably just thinking that it'd be the same ol' after the upgrade as it was before...

In the first few days after the upgrade, I got increasingly frustrated with, to the point of starting to vocalize my frustration (both on and Google+), being sure certain ears would hear.

@jpope bitching

@evan responding to @jpope's bitching

I certainly wasn't the most vocal identicat but, I did feel that I had to let someone know of my frustrations. I also didn't want anyone to feel that I was disrespecting them or being a big asshole. The SN team has done a great job building up StatusNet and considering the size of the user base for, having a few issues and some upset users couldn't be helped.

So, knowing that I wasn't going to be much help in fixing any of the issues, I just shut the fuck up. I actually ended up installing my own private StatusNet instance to play with. If it didn't run right, I had no one to blame but myself. I also quit using as much, mostly because of hanging out on G+ but, figuring that I'd just let the team get everything straightened out. And that SN instance I installed I still have going. With accounts for all my machines here at home and each of them will post daily with their uptime, available updates and other stats. It's been fun and it's actually quite handy to fire up mustard in the morning and see which machines have updates and which don't.

I did keep checking in on though, mostly with a client (identicurse, heybuddy and/or mustard). Nine times out of ten I'd have issues either accessing or posting. I'd say to hell with it and go back to G+. But, is too much fun at times to give up on it completely. Plus, there are a few people there who aren't on G+.

Finally, this morning, I'd had enough. All I wanted to do was dent my usual morning #cupofcoffee dent and I couldn't. Arrgh! I just have to make sure those dent make it through (on to twitter that is) so I can reassure myself that I'm still an addict. OK. So I really don't need reassurance but, '#cupofcoffee' typically is my 'Good Morning'.

So I was at work and wouldn't work. What would a geek do? SSH tunnel to the home server, extract the statusnet-1.0.1 archive I had, create a new database in phpMyAdmin and set up a new subdomain both in the apache configs and at And within a few minutes, my new public StatusNet instance was running at Bang. Was nothing to it. Set up a few subscriptions and I was off on my own.

Will I go back to Possibly. Give the SN team enough time to clear out more of the current bugs and issues. SN 1.0.1 does seem quite a bit better than 1.0 was. Then again, it is quite nice to have full control over any of the crap I may say. Plus, after a little css hacking on the 'base' theme, I was able to get it to look quite similar to the rest of jpope dot org. screenshot

In the end, maybe I'll keep this instance around, maybe not. I do want to say that the StatusNet team has done a wonderful job with StatusNet. Even if you may think otherwise from all the grumbling going around the identiverse.

On a final note. Writing this entry has acted as a sort of therapy for me. All my frustration with is what prompted me to write this in the first place. But now that I've spent a few moments reflecting and composing my thoughts, all is well. And most importantly, it seems that all of my frustrations have been resolved by the fact that open source software kicks ass. From installing personal microblogging software to writing about it on this Drupal blog. Maybe it's time to find some donate buttons and spread the love.

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