Now with Bitmessage

cans I'm (just now) checking out bitmessage. Seems pretty cool and really damn easy to use.

As usual when installing new things, I consulted the Arch wiki first and installed the pybitmessage-git package from the AUR. After firing up the client and creating a few addresses, it was ready to go.

The PyBitmessage client is so simple to use, I'm fairly sure that any ol' average Joe could figure it out somewhat quickly. It's not any more difficult than using an email client. This simplicity/familiarity is whats needed to get the mainstream web-user to give the encryption stuff a try. Nothing against PGP/GPG but, it's somewhat of a pain to use (not that it isn't worth the pain though).

Anyway, my main bitmessage address is BM-2cX7HWdad2S33tXwUsDiC8h35tzWdtf526 and you can find out more about the project at if you are interested.

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