Phone Stand

I was sitting here at my desk earlier, my phone was sitting on it's wireless charger and I got a text. While it's on the wireless charger, it's parallel to the desktop which makes it somewhat a pain in the ass to use it while not taking it off the charger. OK, so I could just pick it up and set it back on the charger when I was done but, why interrupt a good thing...

So, I decided that I would make a stand to hold both the phone and charger. I grabbed my favorite jigsaw and some scrap wood I had leftover from another project and went to work.


It certainly isn't the most attractive stand but, it works perfectly. Not too bad for a spur of the moment project honestly. I am also thinking of covering the front of it with some black felt. That way it'll completely hide the wireless charger. And as a bonus, it will hide some of my crappy, hacky craftsmanship. ;)

Update 2014.06.11: And now it's complete. I raided the kid's craft supplies for some black felt but, there wasn't any like I though there was. Instead, I found a sheet of black foam. After some cutting and gluing, this is my final product:


Still isn't perfect but, it works good enough for me. ;)

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