Plugging the pumps - BashScriptVille Part III

Crossposted from my soon-not-to-be-existing pump: link

I think the time has just about come for me to shut my personal pump down ( I'll likely migrate back to my account for a bit ( But, to be honest, I've been considering shutting that pump down as well. After that, maybe I'll pop into my old account from time to time.

So, if you start seeing some mass un-following from this account, this will be why.

As far as why? These days, Diaspora* does everything I need/want in a distributed social network. The privacy features work properly (unlike StatusNet err... GNUSocial), both the web and mobile UIs work properly (unlike Plus, the API is finally on it's way. Also, with having the bulk of my stuff running on various VPSs, I need to trim the fat some to cut costs. Considering my interest in has been waning for quite some time, it definitely falls into the fat category for me.

And I won't even get into my feelings over this date: Jun 22, 2014

I don't have dates for any of this yet but, I'm generally pretty hasty about this when I decide to shut something down. It could certainly be sudden and without any more warning.

Also, my domain expires in mid-Nov. If someone is interested in it, let me know and we can set up a transfer. Otherwise, I'm not planning on renewing that domain when it's time.

As far as the bots on, they are all powered by bash scripts and cron entries. I'll be putting the scripts up on my Gogs instance soon and whoever wants to run their own bot, certainly can.

If you are interested in the bots, see my previous posts regarding them. And the bot scripts are now located on my Gogs instance. Enjoy!

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