PumpIO in the AUR

I have added a package for pump.io to the AUR: link. Hopefully, if someone attempts to use it, it actually works.

At the time of this writing, I've been using Arch for about 2 years. During this time, I've downloaded and edited PKGBUILD's from the AUR quite a few times. Until recently, I haven't actually maintained any public PKGBUILD's. Time for that to change.

I wrote the PKGBUILD from scratch, using a few others as a guide, along with the Arch wiki entry and my pump.io setup.

Installing pump.io from the AUR will install it to /usr/share/webapps/pumpio, place a sample config file at /etc/webapps/pumpio/pump.io.json and a systemd file at /usr/lib/systemd/system/pumpio.service. The AUR package will install the node dependecies (along with databank-mongodb and databank-redis as they seem to be the most popular databank backends currently). With the sample config that is installed, you should be able to run a testing pump.io instance as soon as it's installed.

Here would be me installing it and running it. Adjust commands as needed:

$ cd ~/aur
$ cower -d pumpio-git
$ makepkg -i
$ su -c 'systemctl start pumpio'

Then, open http://localhost:8000 in your preferred browser. (so long as it isn't IE (oh, wait. Us Arch users are smarter than that...)) Create an account and have fun pumping.

Notes concerning the package:

  • This package creates a new user pumpio, so long as it doesn't exist
  • The systemd service runs
    /usr/bin/node ./bin/pump -c /etc/webapps/pumpio pump.io.json start
    to start the pump using the pumpio user
  • If the pump process dies for any reason, systemd will attempt to restart it
  • The sample config is set to use the memory databank which is perfect for testing. Your data will be wiped (aside from uploads) when you stop/restart the process
  • The pump.io logging option is enabled however, no logfile is set. This allows for the logging to go straight to the system log. Run # journalctl -f -u pumpio to see live logging.
  • Photo uploads are set to go to /tmp/pump.io/uploads via the sample config
  • There is likely something else that I should put here but, I'll just have to add it in later...

If you decide to run a pump in production, you'll not want to use the memory databank. Choose a proper databank. You should be able to install the databank globally (i.e. npm install -g databank-****) and it'll work. Also, don't forget to install your preferred datastore via the repos or AUR and get it up and running. You'll also need a permanent uploads directory and set it in the config. To set any other config options, check the wiki and config options for more. Also, you may want to see my pump.io blog post, then again, maybe not...

If there are any issues with the PKGBUILD, please let me know either via the AUR or my contact page . Considering that this is my first "proper"0 package, it's bound to have issues.

Sidenote: Also, I am using cower my usual yaourt thanks to Andrea Scarpino's suggestion. Seems nice so far, not nearly as automated as yaourt but, that's actually a good thing.

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