Setting up the Flattr module in Drupal

Maybe it's because I'm still quite new to Drupal but, I initially had trouble setting up the Flattr module on this here Drupal install. Seems that the documentation for this module is slightly lacking or, and this is most likely the main issue, I just didn't put enough thought into getting this working the first couple times I tried...

Anyway, let's get to the point.

The first step of course would be to download, install and activate the module. At the time of this writing, I'm running Drupal 7.9 and the Flattr module I'm using is version 7.x-1.x-dev.

Next, we need to edit the content type(s) where you want the Flattr button to appear atadmin/structure/types. In the 'Manage Fields' section we need to add a new field, selecting Flattr for the 'Field', which will auto populate the Widget section with Flattr checkbox. You will also need to fill out the Label and Name fields. Then, two more fields will need to be added, one for the Flattr Username and one for the Flattr Description. I used Text for the Username and since I'm the only user for this site, I filled in the default value as I set that field up. For the Description, I used the Text area for the field type. Once these three fields are setup (don't forget to click Save at the bottom), we can move to the 'Manage Display' section.

Flattr module setup 1

When you first go to the 'Manage Display' section, you'll most likely have three errors pop up which we'll take care of now. Click the Gear icon on the Flattr button line.

flattr setup 2

Here we'll select what fields the button needs to use. For the Description, select the description field that we just created. For the Tags I used the already existing field_tags field, if you don't have it, you may need to go back to the last step and create the field. And lastly, for the Username, select the username field that was created on the last step. Also, you can choose what type of button you want before clicking 'Save'.

flattr setup 3

Now you should be back at the 'Manage Display' page. I set the Format of the Flattr username and Flattr Description to <Hidden> and the Label for the Flattr button to <Hidden>.

flattr setup 4

Click 'Save' and you are done.

Now, for whatever node type you added all that to, you should see some Flattr options on the Create Article page. Just double check that the Flattr button checkbox is checked, fill out your username (if you didn't put in a default earlier) and give your article a description. Once you save your node, the button will appear at the bottom of the page.

The first time the Flattr button is pressed, the button will submit your node to Flattr and allow it to be Flattr'd.Also, if you are adding the button to a page that already has been submitted, this will recognize that and the button will be linked properly.

I wrote this fairly quickly, hopefully it makes sense...

And a last note to anyone who does Flattr me, I certainly appreciate it. Allof the Flattr's I've recieved have been reFlattr'd out to others. So in the end, they appreciate it too. :) Thanks!

EDIT: Just wanted to come back and say that the module is working quite well. The only slight issue that I've come across is due to my Drupal setup. I've got the mobile tools module redirecting mobile users to a subdomain ( which, to no fault of the Flattr module, causes the module to want to generate seperate pages for the same blog post. Seeing that I've been Flattr'd for this post (Thanks!) both from a desktop and from mobile, I now have two seperate Flattr pages, here and here. I don't currently find this to be a big deal but, some might. Not really sure if there is anyway around this using this module but, I'm leaving it as it is. ;)



Thanks for the information on how to set up the flatter mode, For all those who are just new in using the drupal. This small instruction might help you who are just new and want to use this application.


2012-04-08 00:03:00


Thanks for reading. :)

2012-04-20 02:13:12


Hello jpope,

I followed your instructions, but no flattr Button is shown in my node. In the Readme file on Github I read, that there are some problems with ctools module. Do you have any ideas to work with flattr on Drupal in another way?

Thanks in advance

2013-06-01 09:51:34


@android_oma I currently don’t have flattr set up with my Drupal install (I moved my blog to WP) but, I never had to mess with flattr settings again. As far as I know, these settings still work but, YMMV. Sorry. :(

2013-06-02 00:15:49

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