StatusNet - ArchLinux rc.d scripts

starting the StatusNet daemon

This is a quick post to put my rc.d scripts that I use for my StatusNet instances. Both of these scripts, one for and the other for, have been working great for me for the past few months. I also have Monit monitoring the daemons and restarting them as necessary via these scripts.

My micro instance has four daemons running: queuedaemon, imdaemon, twitterstatusfetcher and synctwitterfriends for the queue, XMPP and the Twitterbridge. The init script for it has a each of these listed just so that I can easily check the status of them.

The matrix script only has one daemon, queuedaemon, as that instance is setup much lighter than my main instance. If someone is looking for a quick and simple script, the matrix one will probably be the better choice to start with. Both scripts are pretty much the same aside for the extra few lines to capture the pid's of the extra daemons running

For both of these scripts, there are the main config settings at the beginning for StatusNet install path, the user that will run the daemons (this is also set in config.php) and the paths for the pid file and log file. For the most part, they are fairly standard init scripts. Hopefully, someone else will find some use out of them. ;-)

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