The EPIC first post

So here is my first post.
the end

... Ok, so maybe I'll make it a little longer than that. Sometimes I get too used to limiting my words to 140 characters (i.e. identica (well, old identica...)).

Beware of the impending rambling

I recently decided that I wanted my own domain. And out of ease, I looked at to the two options that my Linksys router had for pinging a DDNS service, either or In the end decided to go with DynDNS. As this is the first time I've dealt with domain registration etc... I have nothing to compare it to. But I can say that with the web interface, it has been a breeze to set everything up.

Aside from being cool (at least within the geek crowd), I wanted a easier to remember domain for my photo server for my family to access. The Seagate NAS I got last year came with a free DDNS service but, the more I hack that box the more stuff I break. OK, not really break but I really don't like the default setup of it. ...At least my Iomega NAS runs Debian. :)

The design of this site initially started as a 'start page' that I had in dropbox folder so I could access it from anywhere. I've gotten quite used to having all my bookmarks handy. ;) I decided that with my own domain, I'd tie together my start page, bookmarks, photos and to try out a blog. (Not that I have anything worthwhile to say.) An online friend corenominal has a project named Whird that had my interest. Knowing his quality work with CrunchBang, I figured that Whird would be worth my time. It definitely has been, and aside from a end user error on setup (end user being jpope of course), installation and setup was a breeze. Corenominal may not admit it but, Whird seems to be quite the fantastic piece of software.

Anyhow... I'm still hacking away at the css for this site. I doubt that I'll ever finish tweaking the look, much like I do on my CrunchBang computers. This is definitely a W.I.P.


jpope hacking on EeePC

Offtopic: Here is me sitting on my bench. As seen from inside the house...

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