The Fall of the Chrysler Plant

My father spent ~30 years working in one of two of the Chrysler Assembly Plants located St. Louis MO. A few years ago, as the American auto industry was collapsing upon itself, he was able to take an early retirement package. Prior to his retirement, one of the plants was closed and some time after retirement, the second plant was closed. And now sadly, both plants have been bulldozed down. I’ve got many memories from my childhood, riding past the plants, feeling pride that my dad worked there building cars. Memories of Family Day tours, looking at the robotics and feeling quite small in the huge facilities.

It’s a shame how mismanaged the American auto industry had gotten throughout the years. And how the quality had slipped to the point that customer loyalty dropped, causing import vehicle sales to soar and jobs lost. Some have yet to find work…

At least we always had a roof over our heads, dinner on the table and excellent health care. Oh, and Christmases were always great. (but that’s a different story)

These first two pics were taken by me on Jan 14th, 2005.

STL North 1
STL North 2

These next were taken on July 6th, 2011.

STL North 3
STL North 4
STL North 5

R.I.P. STL Assembly North & South.

Update 2011.08.16:

The water tower was the final piece to come down, and down it came…

Water Tower 1
Water Tower 2
Water Tower 3

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