I just tried out a Alpha version 7 of UberMusic for Android.

Aside from the fact that it has the word Uber in it. (Sorry, I just don’t find the use of ‘uber’ very cool). And the fact that this player is designed to mimic the look of WP7 and/or the Zune media player. It is a very slick looking music player. The transitions between the screens are very smooth, even on my somewhat underpowered HTC Aria (currently running CM7 nightly from 2011.06.05).

A few of the options available include being able to choose which ‘tabs’ show on the main selection screen. (ie. Artists, Albums, Songs, etc.), disable the Android lockscreen when the Now Playing screen is visible and Last.fm scrobbling, among others.

Navigation on this player is as easy as a swipe as you might expect and above all, it plays tunes.

Grab the current Alpha while you can at http://www.ubermusic.com/. It has an expiration date of July 15th after which there may be a paid version on the Android market. Not certain what price will be asked but, given the current feature set, I wouldn’t expect it to be very high.







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