Weather Archive

Some time back, I had an archive of the full resolution National radar images. This had started because of me having a script to update my OpenBox desktop wallpaper with the current image every 10 minutes. At one point, I had over 6 months worth of images (at ten minutes apart) which made for a quite cool slideshow. Anyway, at some point, I decided to stop archiving those images and even deleted the whole archive. I recently decided to start this up again but, this time to keep them available for anyone else to (maybe) find some use out of.

First things first, I wanted a super simple dynamic photo gallery that I could set up on my web server and came across Bizou. For the most part, this gallery is perfect for this archive due to the fact that the gallery 1) has minimal setup and config 2) is dynamic. I did load a couple of the plugins available for the gallery. Aside from that, it maintains itself. Perfect.

Now to populate the gallery. Bash scripts galore to pull the images down, convert the images (if necessary), rename and file them in appropriate directories. The end result (at least currently) has 11 bash scripts + crontab entries, the cron jobs are executed 380 times a day and pulling in ~1400 images. Some of this will be adjusted as time goes on, once I figure out which image sets are worth keeping or not. Most likely, I'll need some sort of archiving to go on as well since, at the time of writing, I will be collecting over a half million images over a 12 month period.

One of the bash scripts I wrote, I pasted here. This one is for the Storm Reports and Filtered Storm Reports. I have this script set to update hourly and it will update today's and yesterday's images each time and will update the previous 10 days once a day, after 11 PM. These reports seem to be updated constantly for 10 days after the report date therefore, I needed to update the archive accordingly. Also, for these images, I needed to convert the gifs so that Bizou would recognize them.

What do I plan on doing with these images? Good question. I'm certain some gifs and videos will be created at some point. Aside from that, maybe some weather junkie will find it useful. I created the following gif with GIMP from the GOES East images.


Anyway, the archive can be found at this link. For the sources of the images, check the bottom of the page at the archive. If anyone interested has some suggestions of other possible entries to this, please let me know in the comments below. :)

EDIT 2012-09-27: Due to the large number of images in the archive, I also have h5ai enabled for the image directories. You can visit that version of the archive at this link. Just be patient as it may take a moment to load as well. ;)

EDIT 2013-03-01: I ended up needing to kill this all off as it was taking up waaaayyy too much space on my hard drive. Also, due to recent issues with my ISP, I started missing quite a few images. It was fun while it lasted.


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